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Call me Nike, I guess.
United States
Yo! I probably won't be uploading anything. If I do, I'll be amazed. I'm mainly here because I really like some of the art, and I will be favoriting them. Also, one of my friends has a drawing here I MUST favorite.

I will probably be ranting a lot in the journal, and if not, I might just post a fanfiction... Maybe.

D.Gray-Man, Discworld, Doctor Who, Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood/manga only), Hetalia, Kingdom Hearts, Marvel Cinematic Universe (Mostly Phase 1), Lucifer by Mike Carey, anything by Neil Gaiman, Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus, Pokémon Special/Adventure, Rise of the Guardians (movie), Soul Eater (manga), The World Ends With You
and some other ones not quite important enough to mention
**Originally posted after I caught up with Homestuck back in April. This means all these opinions were formed after the March 30 update**

I am so sad I jumped onto the bandwagon so late, but better late than never, I suppose.

I'll be ranting more about characters and ships and Hussie than plot.

As far as characters go, generally Post-scratch trolls > pre-scratch trolls and beta kids > alpha kids.

My Top 5 Post-Scratch Trolls are Karkat, Terezi, Gamzee, Vriska, and Kanaya.

My favorite Pre-Scratch Trolls are Meenah and Aranea.

My Favorite Beta Kids are John and Jade.

My Favorite Alpha Kids are Roxy and Dirk.

My favorite Guardians have to be Bro Strider and Becquerel

My Top 10 characters in general are Karkat, Terezi, Jade, Roxy, Vriska, Gamzee, Bro Strider, Becquerel, Meena, John, and Kanaya.

Not that I don't love the other characters, but honestly, I'm kind of biased. Karkat is like this big ball on rage and insecurity who's trying to keep 12 violent, homicidal trolls from killing each other. Terezi is my zodiac, blind, and totally kickass. Jade is quirky and amusing and spacy, but can shoot like Riza Hawkeye. Roxy is an underaged drunk who keeps her and her three friends from imploding (considering two are from the future, two are from the past, and they're in a twisted love polygon), and doesn't complain about her own issues; she just settles her friend's issues first. Vriska's possibly last speech is amazing and she's actually a pretty awesome bitch. Gamzee is my patron troll, hilarious, and way creepy when off the sopor slime. Bro Strider is amazingly kickass and cool and fought Jack Noir. Becquerel was the First Guardian, with powers similar to those of Lord English, and manages to keep Jade safe after being absorbed by Jack Noir. Meenah is hilariously gangster, greedy, and grows up to run an insanely violent, dominating empire. John is our first main character who is adorably plucky and kindhearted in a world where most everyone else is kind of violent/negative/shit to everyone and everything.

Although he is my patron troll, and one of my favorites, GAMZEE SCARES THE EVER LOVING SHIT OUT OF ME. The only one who's even creepier in that regard is Caliborn/Lord English. And Kurloz.



Okay, I ship Karkat <3 Terezi (even though I know it's been sunk forever), Gamzee <> Karkat (even though I know it's been sunk. WHY HUSSIE!? WHY!?), and Equius <> Nepeta like they're going out of style.

I will ship most other pairings too, as long as they're well written.



I can see why all my Homestuck friends are cursing out Hussie. He's an amazing writer, in that I am emotionally invested in this comic like I have never been before. He has made me giggle, squee, and cry in both anguish and joy. I have flailed like an idiot because of him as well.



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